Top EB 5 Regional Centers

Investors who wish to apply for the EB 5 green card have two options on which they can invest the funds in the US economy. They either do a direct investment of the required amount or invest in a regional center. This now lead us to ask, What is a Regional Center? A regional center is a designated area that is eligible to accept the capital of an investor. A regional center is designated by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Regional centers takes away the stress of creating jobs on investors.

Investors applying through regional centers don’t create direct employment but rather depends on indirect employment through these regional centers. All regional centers in the country are government designated not for the purpose of investment but for the purpose of immigration. It is advised that all potential investors should seek professional advice on the advantages of the investment. There are 3 different types of regional center to invest on, so after deciding to invest in the EB 5 program, the next important thing to do is to choose a regional center that will secure your investment money.

There are many things to look for when choosing a regional center, first investors have to check for a center that has good record of success with the application of visas in order to avoid unnecessary holding up your money for too long a time. Investors should also look for regional centers that will compensate for any risk and inflation with earnings and the chances for monetary growth.

This now creates a question that most potential investors will need answer to, Which are the Top Regional Centers? Below is a list of five good Regional Centers that have a good track record of delivery result to investors that have invested through them. This article will talk about the industries that this regional centers covers and the states they operate from.

Top of the list is the Chicagoland Foreign Investment Group (CFIG). They operate in Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. They operate on Agriculture & farming (animal & produce) operations, Apparel manufacturing, Educational & school services. They are also into Household furniture and furnishings manufacturing and Industrial manufacturing.

The second on the list is the Florida EB5 Investments LLC Regional Center. The operate only in Florida, and they are into the Industries of Industrial property development and management, Hotel, lodging & resort development and management, Manufacturing of Household furniture and furnishings. They also operate in Retail Trade and Technology, Bio-science, Information manufacturing and development of research facilities.

The next high success regional center is the Florida Overseas Investment Center located in Florida. They cover Commercial, Industrial and retail property development and management, development ofMedical Facilities, Agriculture & farming operations and Sports complex development
CMB Export, LLC is among the top EB 5 regional centers in the US and it operates in California. They cover the following industries,Redevelopment and rebuilding of former military bases, Public and private arrangements with governmental agencies, Advanced logistic operations, Leasehold improvements, Transportation, warehousing among others.

Golden Pacific Ventures Regional Center operates in Hawaii and they are into Agriculture & farming (animal & produce) operations.

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