How to Get US Green Card Through Investment


The EB 5 investor visa is a way through which big investors can get faster green card for their families and secure their stay in the US. The question is now what does EB 5 program mean?EB 5 is a program established by the US government for foreigners to invest into the economy of the country and as an opportunity of obtaining permanent residency in the United States. The program was started in 1990 and this visa provides almost all the benefits of a US citizen and enjoy all the opportunities their children even to further generations.

The EB-5 Green Card Investor Visa request that you invest $500,000 in a rural settings or $1,000,000, and you and your immediate family will be given a US green card by the Government. Investors who are interested in investing in EB 5 program can do that either by actively purchasing or starting a company where the company will offer employment to US citizens or can be done passively through investing in a regional center.Under the EB 5 visa category, there are ten thousand spots available yearly to persons who are qualified. EB 5 investors are offered temporary residency visas for them and the family in exchange for their investment on the US economy.

Permanent residency will be offered when the specific requirements are met by the investors which affords them the freedom of all the privilege of a US citizen. Holders of EB 5 green cards are also allowed to seek admission into American Universities and colleges and when they eventually get admitted,  they are to pay just the tuition which is way less than what non-US citizens will pay.There are about 10,000 visas available for EB 5 investors of which give thousand are left for applicants under a pilot program which involves USCIS-designated Regional Center.

EB 5 investors can decide to get the green card for their family or alone and they must have already actively invested or in the procedure of investing the required capital into a business. It should also be noted that the investment will add to the economy of the country and will create the required quantity of full time employment to qualified Americans.Foreigners becomes a temporary resident when the petition I-526 has been approved either through Consular Process or by Adjustment of Status. Before a permanent green card is issued, investors have to file the Form I-829, and it must be filed before the expiration of ninety days before the second anniversary of a foreign investors admission into the country as a temporary citizen.

With this initiative, getting a US citizenship is not as difficult. This way an investor stands a chance of enjoying double fold, making profit from the investment and also getting the permanent residency of the United of America. The EB 5 program has provided a good means for individuals that seeks permanent residence in the country to invest in the country’s economy providing employment during the process and in the end getting the green card. In all, it’s a win for both parties, the government and the investor.

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