How To Get A Green Card Through Investment?

Green card processing refers to an immigration procedure which leads to becoming a permanent resident. The card serves as proof that its holder have passed through the screening process and has officially been granted immigration benefits.

Eligible to apply for a business oriented green card are entrepreneurs (along with spouses and unmarried children under 21) with investment at a trade enterprise in the United States and whose business can initiate or safeguard ten full time jobs for certified United States workers. Each year, up to 10,000 visas for eligible business oriented people are available.

Alien Investor

He/she must demonstrate that a legit investment is been established and located within the approved regional location. It is imperative that the newly established enterprise would be able to create employment for 10 or more jobs.

Eligibility Criteria

Before one can be qualified to receive a permanent residence based on investment, the following conditions must have been met. These include an approved form 1-526, immigrant petition by Alien entrepreneur, an immigrant visa and confirmed availability

The spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21(known as derivatives) may be added to your immigration petition and each person need to file a form 1-485. Even if there is a pending form 1-485, authorization to work in the United States is still possible as one can be granted advance consent to travel.

Also, those eligible must be in the process of investing at least 1 million dollars in a new commercial enterprise or at least 500,000 dollars to be made in a targeted employment area (area which has an unemployed rate of at least 50% of the national average rate).

Required Documentation

Application fee must be sent with the application and there is no biometric fee

Other evidence to be provided by the investors include

(a) Form 1- 526 immigration petition by alien entrepreneur
(b) Evidence which shows that a lawful business entity has been established under the laws of the authority in the United States.
(c) Such evidence must comprise copies of articles of incorporation, certificate of merger, partnership agreement, certificate of limited partnership, joint venture agreement, and business trust agreement.

This evidence must be in the form of supply agreement, investment agreement, certified transaction reports, wages records.

Evidence that your enterprise entity has been invested in a targeted employment area (a targeted employment area is defined as a rural area which has experienced high unemployment of at least 150% of the national average rate).

Evidence that you have investigated or are actively in the process of investing the amount required for the areas in which the business is located.
Evidence that capital is obtained through lawful means. The petition must be followed up by foreign business registration records, tax returns of any kind put up within the last 5 years in or outside the United States.

Evidence that you are or will be active in the daily activities of the enterprise through major managerial decision-making or the policy formulation.

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