How much to invest in us to get green card?

Green card in the United States actually means Permanent Resident Card. It has extreme importance because it is the proof of a person’s permanent and legal residential status in the nation. Therefore if individual desires to stay and progress in the United Statespermanently, then he should go for a green card. With this, there are many welfares and benefits including immigration benefits. People are willing to invest a fortune to get a permanent residence in the USA and why not? The benefits we just discussed are outstanding. Now let’s talk numbers, how much exactly do we need to invest to get a Green Card

The standard obligation for acquiring a U.S. green card in a United States business is $1 million. However, the amount may be reduced to half a million under certain conditions. If the business is situated in a countryside area or in a metropolitan area with too much unemployment rate. To be precise, it must be at least 150% of the state average. Some state administrations will classify the parts of that specific state that are very much in unemployment category, and will refer it to (USCIS) U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, a list of which places qualify. Rural areas are actually those areas that are outside of an official cosmopolitan statistical region or the outer boundaries of any place or city populated by 20,000 or more.

There is an EB-5 visa offered for financiers in a “regional center” to attract money investors or capital holders. Almost all local centers operate in the countryside or high-unemployment places, so that the smallest investment is held to $500,000. Provincial centers are nominated by USCIS but run in private, and they work to promote the economic growth and stability through increased export sales, improved county output, the establishment of new employments, and increased internal capital investment. For example, real estate expansion projects, such as office and merchandising increases, shopping centers, and resort hotel expansions, are widespread projects for regional centers.

Shareholders in regional centers must not prove that they provided new employment opportunities for ten U.S. labors, only that the regional center generated ten or more jobs opportunities, primarily or secondarily, or that it increased regional yield.

Some immigration advocates have provided this information that regional centers provide one of the most intimidating ways to fetch an investor visa because they permit a well-to-do investor to make aninvestment without generating or handling a new enterprise. The key is to see that you are signing up with a well-organized and well-managed regional center. The mere fact that USCIS has chosen the center does not shield the financier from the possibility of losing the capital. Before you capitalize, you should make things clear with the regional center that it is functioning within a rural or extremely unemployed sector so that your $500,000meets the requirements for the EB-5 visa.

And keep one thing in mind that the regional center program (RCP) is not everlasting. It will dissolve soon unless Congress chooses once again to reintroduce it.

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