How much Investment is needed to get a US Green Card through EB 5

Getting the United States permanent residency green card through EB 5(known as the Fifth Preference Green Card) is accessible to potential investors who are willing to establish a business or invest in an existing one in order to create employment for qualified US citizens. This investment program was created in 1990 by the US congress as a means of tackling unemployment and poverty in rural and poor urban cities with high rate of unemployment. The primary aim of the investment visa program is to enhance creation of employment and increase foreign capital investment in the country.

Immigrants who invest in any business in the US and creates jobs (not part time jobs) for citizens of the working age in the country are qualified to seek for a permanent residency in the country alone or with their spouse and children. Green card through this means has up to ten thousand slots each calendar year. Potential investors are required to invest $1M if they are investing in an urban setting while investors who wish to invest in a rural setting where there are high rate of unemployment will invest $500,000.

The primary motive behind this EB 5 investment program is to create jobs and also preserve jobs in the US, so to qualify, investors will have invest in a business that will create full time jobs for qualified US citizens or preserve already existing jobs within a given time starting from the time such an investor entered the country as an investor citizen.

The process of applying for the EB 5 visa is a complicated one that requires an investor to meet various requirements, file some form and support the process with documentation which will show your eligibility to apply for the green card. Most Investors who have gone through this program in the past did not start a fresh business, rather they invested in a regional center. Presently there are over eight hundred regional centers in the country and new regional centers are being established every year. Investors who want to apply for the EB 5 green card through one of the designated regional centers will have to invest the sum of $500,000 in order to qualify for the visa.

EB 5 investment visa can be obtained before an investor commits to emigrating and it offers foreigners the ease of deciding on any business to invest in, any job to take and live anywhere in the country after retirement. This are some of the benefits of securing a EB 5 green card. In addition to these, EB 5 investors also has access to most of the privileges enjoyed by citizens of the US which may include education and saving on property tax in some states of the country like Florida.

In general, the needed investment to get a EB 5 investment green card depends on where an investor wish to invest. Investing in urban areas requires investing a million dollar to create or preserve jobs while half a million is the requirement if an investor wish to invest in a rural area for the same purpose of creating and preserving jobs in such area.

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