How Long does it take to get the EB 5 Visa

EB 5 investment program has gotten many publicity among potential investors who want to obtain US visa through investment in the country. The major question that potential investors in this program is how long does it take to get the EB 5 visa? This question do require an answer, but it is not a straight forward answer. If things goes well as planned, the EB 5 visa normally take approximately one year before the beneficiary can get the visa, but most times, it takes longer than that

Below we will be taking a look at the required procedures to follow before the EB 5 visa can be granted to an investor.

The first thing is Making the right choice of a EB the regional center or making the right direct investment. This process usually takes between a month to three months. Beside the period it takes to understand the process prior to investing, investors will have to wait for the project they learnt about during the presentation time to start accepting investors.

A month should be given to your advocate to prepare for the application. After the application has been submitted, the review of Firm I-526 usually takes about six to nine months. After the approval of Firm I-526, your money will then be released by the Regional Center. The next stage is the filing ofAdjustment of Status Form I-485. This exercise takes up to nine months on the maximum. When potential investors have crossed this stage of the process, they are issued conditional residency and this is valid for a period of 24 months (two years).

The next stage is the removal of conditions filing Form I-829. This is done towards the end of your conditional residency in the country, precisely from the 12th month to the 24th month and it take between six months to nine months. The final stage is the application of citizenship which can be done after 5 years of the issuance of conditional residency. The USCIS demands that the intended funds for the investment which will include the charged fee by the regional center should be kept in the escrow account of the regional center until the approval of the I-526 filing.

The waiting time for the approval or denial of this petition can take about one to twelve months. When the Form I-526 is approved, it is required that the investor maintains the investment pending when the Form I-829 is approved of which time the temporary residency will be changed to permanent residency. In this case, additional three to six months should be added to the time for consular processing purposes or for the Adjustment of Status prior to beginning the conditional residency.

Adding all the time required to gain permanent residency through EB 5 investment wiring from the longer period, we have the I-526 petition taking up ten months, consular process taking six months, the 24 months for the temporary residency and the final six months required for the approval of the I-829 petition, this sums up to forty six months in total which is just two months short of four years for the complete process of getting the US permanent green card through EB 5 investment program.

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