EB-5 Investment Opportunities in U.S.


Lack of sufficient capital to aid the economic development of rural cities and urban cities with great unemployment and poverty level has become a big problem in American cities. One of the primary means of tackling this menace is through the EB 5 investment program established by the United States Government in 1990. This program is a major tool through which increase in investment can be leveraged in such places. The idea behind the creation of the EB 5 program is to enhance the economic wellbeing of the country by creating employment in rural areas and poverty stricken urban cities through foreign investments. However, the full potential of the program was not achieved until the recent contraction of increased traditional means of funding.

When it’s potential is fully realized, EB 5 program can generate up to 10 billion dollars yearly to those cities ravaged by poor economic condition and high rate of unemployment. Due to this, making use of EB 5 program as a means of enhancing the economic opportunity in rural and urban cities has gain much attention lately. Playing a major role in enhancing the economic condition of cities in America and the issuance of green card to investors of EB 5 program are some of the benefits gained by investing in the program.

United States of America has many urban and inner cities and this cities are good competitive areas for investing in EB 5 program. The leaders of these cities have become increasingly interested in tapping into the idea of using EB 5 program in making the areas more competitive therefore creating more investment opportunities for EB 5 investors. Since regional centers are the major source of most EB 5 projects, they have become a very important opportunity of investing in the rural cities in the country. There are many regional centers that are operating in the country and new centers are being created.

Regional centers with high alliance with economic development agencies and the local government offers the best investment opportunities in projects that creates the most impact on the economy. The effect of EB 5 projects can be maximized when they are part of the bigger economic development view, since they will have the ability of leveraging the resource of the multiple private and public partners and also enjoy the gain from the growing local economy.

EB 5 investors have economic investment opportunities in rural cities across many development areas. Some of the major investment opportunities are large development in real estate deals. The improvement in regional centers and an increase in the interest of EB 5 program has given rise to different types of projects in this cities with high unemployment rate. Though regional centers are not the only means which EB 5 investment can be made, intending investors can also bypass these regional centers and make use of direct investment in enhancing their business.

Direct EB 5 investment are being utilized on funding charter schools and they are used in offering solutions to the challenges faced by the educational sector of the rural cities.There are many investment opportunities for EB 5 investors in the rural cities and urban cities with high poverty and unemployment rate. Moreover, EB 5 investors seem not to be looking at the opportunities in this part of the country.

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